Make Prospecting Calls More Meaningful & Effective

Better Prospecting, Discovery & Demos

The Prospecting Problem

Poorly trained sales reps infectively stumble through calls, missing opportunities to investigate customer pain points and how your solution solves problems.

The Solution

Implement a prospecting framework form the sales engagement dialer which allows for real-time manager guidance during calls.

Real-Time Objection


Objection: We can use our existing tool for this.

Rep Reply: It’s true you can push X to Y, but your tool doesn’t BD trace file, so you’re actually only hasshy-mashing not wizzy-wooing or meeting compliance requirements.

Prospecting call information is organized, summarized and auto-populated in Salesforce by category, offering the entire sales team a snap-shot of critical customer information

The Results:

  • Gets sales reps providing value to the sales cycle faster
  • More effective prospecting calls
  • Consistent sales documentation
  • Increased sales activity
  • Better information about the customer at hand off to AE
  • Performance reporting leading to better sales activity