The Fusion Funnel Salesforce App

Improve 1st Demo Show Rates

How it works

Email prospects from the lead or contact record
Prospects engage Discovery Survey
Prospects answers summarized in Salesfore



Saleforce Summary

A breakthrough in predicting and managing no-shows

A reason to engage

A framework for friendly & consultative follow-up for likely no-shows

Save time

No more waiting 15 min on a call that prospects never join

Opportunity management

Prioritize activity based on level of engagement from prospect

Better Qualification & Discovery

Account Executives can enter every demo, call, or meeting with
a deeper understanding of customer goals

Hand-off to Account Executives
Account Executives & Sales Engineers
Solving the no-show problem and and helping reps have
the right conversation sooner in the sales cycle


  • Accelerates the sales-cycle
  • Increases opportunity conversion rates
  • Provides metrics for prioritizing opportunities
  • Engages more members of the buying team
  • Identifies gaps in the sales-cycle