Stop saying if during the sales-cycle and start saying because

Sales Intelligence Gathering and Discovery Work-Flow with customer information auto-documented in the CRM with one-click

Better Prospecting, Discovery & Demos

The Prospecting Problem
Poorly trained sales reps infectively stumble through calls, missing opportunities to investigate customer pain points and how your solution solves problems.

The Solution
Implement a prospecting framework using discovery surveys and real-time manager guidance to facilitate better customer conversations

The Results

  • Gets sales reps providing value to the sales cycle faster
  • Improves the quality and impact of prospecting calls
  • Consistent and standardized sales documentation
  • More time spent on sales activity
  • Better information about the customer at hand off to AE
  • Performance reporting leading to better sales activity


Executive questionnaire

The Discovery and Demo Problem
Account Executives don’t have the information they need to present customized demos, leading to generic presentations to an unengaged audience.

The Solution
Account Executives enter every call, meeting or demo with a deeper understanding of the prospect’s challenges and priorities and speak directly to their world.

The Results:

  • Accelerates the sales-cycle
  • Increases opportunity conversion rates
  • Provides metrics for prioritizing opportunities
  • Engages more members of buying team
  • Identifies gaps in the sales-cycle
  • Analytics reporting on customer commonalties

Stop saying IF during the sales cycle and start saying BECAUSE